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First Link
18 December 2008 @ 05:12 pm
Boy. I'm really bored. No much to do here on a rainy day. I've been laying out of work lately. Haven't really felt like going. I don't know. First Link is tired.

It's nearly Christmas. I need to get some income for a means of buying presents for the family. Everyone seems to be making lists already. I haven't made mine yet. Guess I'll get on to that later on. I really need to think of what I need rather that what I want. Some more text books would be nice. It's hard working with a bunch of genius Asian guys. Sheesh! At least most of them speak English. If not, I get someone to translate for me. It's a hard job.

Better get rolling on that list. The couch sure feels nice though..

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First Link
11 October 2008 @ 10:43 pm
It's new. It reminds me of me. It's starry. Aww.
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First Link
25 June 2008 @ 11:12 pm
How loud thumping noises can be heard from Link and Dara's bedroom? Strange. 

I'm kidding. I know what they're up to.

Today was okay. I had to do an interview with NASA. I hope I did all right. I always suck with interviews. I get to nervous and always fumble with my tie or shirt. It makes me tired too. ._.; Those hot lights and random, stupid questions. It's like, they're WANTING you to mess up. I bet they are.

Ryoma has been practicing tennis a lot more lately. I wonder if something is on his mind.. I hope he's okay. He can get so emotional over small things. Then again, so can I. I guess we're more alike than different huh? That's a good thing though! It means we have more interests the same. Woo hoo.

Perverted Link seems to be quite irritated with my cousin, First First Link. Who wouldn't be though? He's a complete weirdo and stalker. I like my cousin, but he creeps me out. It's not that it's because he's gay, he's just strange. It's hard to explain in words. But anyways, Perverted Link always is getting phone calls from him. He's gotten mail, gifts, and a whole lot of other things. First First Link must be really in love! I guess Perverted Link is getting a taste of his own medicine!

I need to go journal. I have some stupid essay to type. I don't want to, but it needs to be done.
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First Link
13 June 2008 @ 02:56 pm
This morning sucked! I went into the kitchen for some orange juice, and Link was fixing the sink. I happened to not notice him and tripped all over him! It was quite a site to see, seeing as how I ended up on the other side of the kitchen. It's not exactly a way to start a morning, but better than dying I suppose.

Today is the 13th. Nothing should happen. I'm not afraid. Ryoma is though. I guess his Japanese is coming out in him. He keeps hiding and yelling "DAME ONI!" or something. What does that mean? I have no idea. I only say "Nani" or "Doushite" to annoy him. I know generic Japanese words, but that's it. 

Better go for now. I'm in need of some rest and I need to study.
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First Link
12 June 2008 @ 07:50 pm

Yes yes. This is my first entry. I found this website due to Link, oddly enough. For some odd reason, I became curious and joined it. As you can tell, I'm quite interested in science and anything with books. Believe it or not, I'm smarter than I let on.  I tend to like to relax and cozy up with a nice book.

I live in Tokyo, Japan with Dara, Link, Ryoma, and Peverted Link. I used to live in Hyrule, but I thankfully moved. My best friends are Ryoma and Perverted Link. Without them, I'd be rather sad and lonely. Link is all right, but he finds me obnoxious and annoying. At times, I long for the fields of Hyrule, for the rustle and bustle of the city is quite something! I taught myself how to read and write. I'm rather shy, so I have yet to actually enter the real world with more than two friends. 

I own a used laptop, which is what I am typing with. I love working with computers. I tried to fix Perverted Link's, but his hard drive was filthy with dirty pictures and pornography. Not something I wanted to see! Still, I am working on it.

I didn't do anything today besides go to school. (Oh yeah, I am a student) I tend to spend more time in the library than in lunch. I make A's, but sometimes A-'s.  I like to help people with their homework. Perverted Link threw a piece of paper at me today in class! I tossed one back and got yelled at~!! The justice system here is odd. I passed my math test. Ryoma wanted me to go and play tennis, but I didn't feel like it.

That is all for today 

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